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Post Who’s better – Bama or Georgia?

Monday September 17, 2007

Western Carolina players and coaches have an opinion:

“That should be a good game, but I think Georgia should win,” said WCU quarterback Todd Spitzer, who completed 6 of 10 passes Saturday for just 16 yards before giving way to backup Adam Hearns. “In my opinion, Georgia is bigger and faster and a lot stronger.”

“I thought Georgia was a much more physical team, and I thought they had a little bit better athletes,” said (Catamounts coach Kent) Briggs. “Alabama can go out there and match up with them (better than the Catamounts did), but I think Georgia is the more skilled team overall.”

“They’re both tough teams, but I thought the way Georgia went after us was a little bit more difficult to deal with,” said (defensive end Jeff) Bradley.

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