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Post Difference #1,485,032 between Tech and Georgia fans

Wednesday August 29, 2007

Most decent Georgia fans would try to convert the poor, lost souls of Iowa instead of the other way around. (h/t CFR)

A Georgia Tech fan in Iowa named Rex is looking to become a true Iowan in choosing to become a fan of either Iowa State or Iowa. To determine which school, he’s having a charity auction. Whatever fan base earns the most bids ($) wins his support. All donations go for funds for a community outreach event for Iowa kids.

Visit here for more details and to drop in a few bucks.

Sounds like a good cause to me. I don’t blame the guy for wanting to shun his current allegiance, but do the fans of the Hawkeyes and/or Cyclones really want damaged goods?

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  • I’m a Georgia fan in Iowa… I’m all alone, but staying true 🙂 I’m the lone car with the Georgia flag. You’ll see me driving around Des Moines every Saturday. I have gone to a couple ISU games since moving here to get my football fix… but it’s not the same. I’m watching the Dawgs take on Oklahoma State as I type. Go DAWGS!!! (By the way, I did see this story on the news the other night! Couldn’t believe it.)