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Monday August 27, 2007

The Georgia Sports Blog  discusses today what I think is one of the most important questions of the season opener.  As pwd notes, the improvements made by the new OSU defensive coordinator is the big unknown.  He’ll likely bring a better defensive game plan,  but will the execution be there in the first game?

The conventional wisdom says that this game could likely end up giving the scoreboard a workout.  Everyone’s heard about OSU’s potent offense with its effective running and passing attacks.  OSU’s defense in recent seasons has had trouble stopping people.  Sounds like the recipe for a high-scoring game, right?  

I think the question under the surface is this:

Do you feel confident in Georgia’s ability to emerge from a shootout?

I’d have to admit that I’d rather it not get to that point.  It’s not that Georgia doesn’t have the ability to score points or that it lacks playmakers.  My questions are ones of consistency and experience.  You like your chances with Stafford under center.  Then it gets foggy:

  • Only one returning receiver with more than 15 receptions
  • Unsettled rotation at tailback with a history of inconsistency
  • Starting tight end out of action
  • Mostly-new offensive line with a couple of freshman starters

That last one is the key of course.  Without a functioning offensive line, the rest of the offense is handicapped.  Again, it wouldn’t faze me to see Georgia put up some points.  We’ve seen what guys like Lumpkin, Brown, Massaquoi, Bailey, and Henderson can do.  I just can’t bring myself to say that we can rely on that level of production yet.  Hopefully at some point this season we can.  Getting into a shootout is playing OSU’s game, and the Bulldog defense should have enough talent to present OSU’s offense with a serious challenge.  If they can take some of the pressure off of the Georgia offense and hold OSU under 20, the Dawgs should be in good shape.

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  • There will be sixty points on the scoreboard, minimum; and I agree if UGA can limit the Cowboys to 20, we win. We just have a lot on our plates for game 1. Good Opponent Offensively who hired a Defensive Coach who doesn’t play good teams more than twice a year who has been hyping this game, injuries, suspended players, new offensive coordinator for The Dawgs to lead our Academic All-SEC True Sophomore QB who really put the ball on the turf and into the hands of our opponents who just cannot in our 1st 2 games or this season goes sour like the beginning of last year did, and then there is this # 8 Total Defense who returns no one Starting who has accomplished a thing before today to go along with a punter who is unsettled as well. We got ourselves into this situation when Jim Donnan refused to do anything but forget to recruit anyone to replace the Juniors he left Coach Richt on the Offensive Line, and Coach Richt has us in this situation now again and again, while next season once again promises to be short on numbers on the offensive line yet again (and the year after that too. I just do not care for these bubbles at such an important position – the offensive line.) The end result of which is, most likely, that achieving 9-4 again this season relying on our #8 NCAA Total Defense of last year to bail out the SEC Leading Turnovers we featured last year, is not going to work to 9-4 results with this Defense.