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Friday August 24, 2007

Some familiar names are popping up in some strange places during the Tournament of the Americas Olympic qualifier currently underway in Las Vegas.

The United States national basketball team easily dispatched the Virgin Islands 123-59 yesterday. The interesting thing about this lopsided win was the heavy Georgia flavor of the Virgin Islands coaching staff. The head coach of the squad is Tevester Anderson, a well-respected former Bulldog assistant who has coached at Murray State and Jackson State. Anderson coached at Georgia from 1987-1995 and has coached the Virgin Islands team since 1983.

One of the newest additions to Anderson’s Virgin Islands staff is our favorite pariah, Jim Harrick.

The trip down memory lane continues. Mexico’s coach is none other than former Arkansas head coach Nolan Richardson. Other than a short stint with the Panama team, the Mexican job is his first step back into the spotlight since leaving Arkansas in 2002. He’s bringing "Cuarenta minutos de infierno" (40 minutes of hell) with him.

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