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Thursday August 23, 2007
Sanford Stadium
Looks pretty red to me.

I hesitated about commenting on this bit from Ching’s update yesterday. No one wants to discourage enthusiastic fans – especially students. We experienced fans just need to help the next generation direct that enthusiasm and avoid bad ideas. College is all about learning and discovering life lessons, so here’s another.

Word traveling around the UGA students is a red-out for the opening home game against OSU. Many of us really want this to happen and for it to work successfully. … Please PLEASE get the word out about this red-out to as many friends and fans as you possibly can. A red-out against a visiting Big XII program on national television would give the Bulldog squad added publicity and attention, and we as students feel it would energize the team and the crowd to no end. We also feel like it would be a GREAT beginning to what could be a very promising season. PLEASE do everything you can to support this cause.

Where to begin…

  1. Georgia fans generally wear red anyway. Asking Georgia fans to come to a game in red is like asking Cure concert-goers to wear black. It’s just going to happen. No one is going to look at Sanford Stadium and remark, "does it look more red in here to you, or is it just me?"
  2. It’s Oklahoma State. It’s the season opener and a nationally-televised game, but I can’t wait to see what the students have in store for the Ole Miss game.
  3. The Dawgs have been one of the top programs in the nation for several years and have earned national acclaim and respect with their performance on the field. They don’t need crowd gimmicks for publicity. Leave that for lesser teams.
  4. Crowd gimmicks often backfire spectacularly. Don’t do this to the Dawgs.

The biggest thing that the students can do to energize the team and the crowd is to show up to the game an hour before kickoff and welcome the team as they come out for warm-ups. A full and loud student section starting well before kickoff matters infinitely more than the choice of wardrobe.

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  • My reaction was similar. It’s a UGA game. What other color would I wear? I mean I can’t go red shirt and red pants. But I’m in enough red to embarrass myself if I wore this much to work. I can tell ya that.

    Bless their hearts. They’ve got the right idea.

    BTW — facebook freaked me out when I saw all these cuties with grad dates of 2010. I’m like WTF? By 2010, we’ll have flying cars. And girls that graduate in 2010 must be 9 years old right? Not 19. lol