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Post The hidden importance of Logan Gray

Wednesday August 22, 2007
Logan Gray and Bobo
Coach Bobo watches his latest star pupil.
Photo: UGASports.com

Most programs would love to have quarterback Logan Gray in camp right now.  Anywhere else, the true freshman from Missouri might even be in the mix for playing time.  Rivals.com rated him among the top ten dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation.  With those credentials and aware of Georgia’s quarterback situation, it was quite an accomplishment by the coaching staff to get Gray’s signature.  It’s also a mature decision by Gray to accept his current role with an eye towards starting in a few years.

If there was one thing besides turnovers that gave Georgia trouble last season, it was a mobile quarterback.  From Colorado to Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Florida, the ability of a quarterback to move the pocket and scramble if necessary gave the Bulldog defense fits.  It was a happy coincidence that two of the quarterbacks involved in Georgia’s season-ending winning streak were basically potted plants.

To make matters worse, the Bulldogs couldn’t do much to work on the problem.  All of the quarterbacks on the roster were more traditional drop-back types.  You really couldn’t take a guy like A.J. Bryant and have him run the scout team – he needed the work at receiver.  So the Bulldogs were left to get most of their lessons defending the mobile quarterback on the field.  You can break down assignments and talk theory, but there’s nothing like experience.

This year, the Bulldog defense will have a high-quality player on the scout team to simulate that kind of quarterback.  Gray is already at work playing the Bobby Reid role as Georgia prepares for Oklahoma State.  Reid is a quality and experienced quarterback, but Gray should at least be able to approximate some of the challenge. The mobile quarterback might still be a nuisance for Georgia this year, but it won’t be because the defense hasn’t been prepared in practice.  With Stafford and Gray, the Bulldogs have both quarterbacking styles covered, and the defense should be better for it this year.  You won’t see Logan Gray on the field this season, but know that he’s already helping the team.

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  • Buck Cochran in the NW

    August 23rd, 2007
    4:59 am


    With all of the spread offenses we’ll see in ’07, this could turn out to be one of the best thing to happen for us in ’07.