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Post NCAA rules update

Monday August 13, 2007

Via the wonderful Double-A Zone blog

  • The text-messaging ban sticks. The Division I membership will get to vote on the proposal in January, but it will take a 5/8 majority to override it now.
  • Baseball financial aid will be revised. Because baseball student-athletes share 11.7 scholarships among them, the portions can vary widely. The original proposal was to limit an individual’s share to no less than 33% of a scholarship. That has been changed to 25% of a scholarship. The size of a baseball squad will ultimately be capped at 35.
  • The Final Four will be played in aircraft hangars soon. Instead of the current half-arena configurations we see when basketball tournaments are played in football domes, the Final Four in 2009 will begin using entire-arena configurations that will allow for more than 70,000 seats. Though I think the change will have some problems as the intimate 94-foot sport of basketball gets swallowed by these giant arenas, I like that students will have easier access to tickets in the future. Ever been to a basketball game at a dome? Lifeless is an understatement.

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