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Post UGA tailgating rules updated for 2007

Tuesday August 7, 2007
Gameday Gameplan

The Gameday Gameplan site has been updated for the 2007 season. There don’t seem to be many new restrictions. Some key points:

  • Parking information and maps are here. Some season parking passes remain for the North Campus and Carlton St. decks. (Incidently, if anyone has information on a South Campus Deck/ Georgia Center parking pass…drop me a line.)
  • There is a new direct on-ramp from the East Campus area to the Athens Bypass. You won’t have to fight campus traffic anymore. We touched on that improvement earlier this year.
  • Tailgating rules remain similar to last season: nothing before 7 a.m., use your own power source, etc. We’re told that people will still be able to park cars in legal spaces in advance…just don’t get things set up before 7:00.
  • UGA will provide portable restrooms across campus (never enough it seems), and they will open the public restrooms at the Boyd Graduate Studies Building, Tate Center, Student Learning Center, Main Library and East Village Commons.
  • The "family-friendly area" has shrunk to a small section of the North Campus quad. There is no longer a "family-friendly area" on South Campus.

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