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Post Quiet first weekend is welcome news

Monday August 6, 2007

No news is usually good news in preseason practice. There will eventually be some hard news as the depth charts take shape, but much of the real information coming out of the first few weeks of practice is often bad – injuries, suspensions, and so on. So take it as a good sign that Bryan Evans’ hamstring injury is the only update of substance to come from the weekend.

One of the reasons why I appreciate listening to press conference audio is that you can get a sense of how different writers will try to establish themes that will become the basis of future articles. There’s nothing wrong with it – writers need an angle and perspective for their stories. After a while, you can tell who the regular beat writers are, and you can tell who the infrequent visitors are. The visitors are pretty easy to spot: they’ll already have their storyline decided, ask a few questions that seem completely random to get some quotes for that storyline, and they won’t ask anything else. We saw that Saturday when Mark Bradley started asking Richt about the importance of a single back getting 100+ yards per game.

There were some good table-setting features this weekend. Thomas Brown is 100% back. The receivers claim they have something to prove.

When the first couple of days are dominated by a disciplinary non-issue and "Scooter 101", you can relax a little. Let’s hope the long-term injuries continue to stay away.

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