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Post Oklahoma punished…kinda

Thursday July 12, 2007
Rhett Bomar
Blame this guy when
Oklahoma doesn’t have
3rd string long-snappers in 2009

Oklahoma got what I consider to be a slap on the wrist yesterday for the Rhett Bomar business. Other than the loss of two scholarships for a couple of seasons and some minor recruiting restrictions, the only other penalty was the requirement that Oklahoma forfeit its 2005 season. When boosters are paying players, the penalties can be much more severe. Still, Oklahoma will appeal.

Is forfeiting games the most toothless penalty there is? It’s like not being able to pay the tab at a restaurant and, as punishment, having to say that you really didn’t eat the meal.

Rogue boosters are the worst nightmare for any program, and there are often few consequences for them when NCAA rules are violated. It’s usually the current student-athletes who have to pay the piper, and that’s the case again here. Bomar took the improper benefits, but the Oklahoma teams three and four years removed from Bomar’s transgression will be the ones to suffer.

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  • If this were an SEC team, I don’t even want to THINK about what the penalty would be. What worse infraction can you have? Is OK the new ND?