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Post Vance Cuff ruled ineligible

Tuesday July 10, 2007

Even though he was admitted by UGA and is enrolled in classes at this very moment, the NCAA Clearinghouse has ruled that incoming freshman defensive back Vance Cuff of Moultrie did not have the required number of core classes to meet their eligibility requirements. There was confusion whether a “Oral/Written Communication/Speech” course would be accepted by the Clearinghouse. Cuff was eligible by every other standard (indeed, even Georgia’s).

I don’t think this story is finished yet. Was the Clearinghouse unclear or misleading about this course being accepted? Cuff’s people seem to think so. They claim that similar courses in nearby counties have been accepted. Was the academic counseling Cuff received at Colquitt County up to par? I sure hope so.

This leaves Cuff in a bit of limbo. He’s enrolled at UGA, but the worst case is that he’d have to drop out and attend a junior college in order to meet NCAA eligibility requirements (for want of a single high school core class).

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  • If it is true that in law you cannot make a law retroactive to a date before it is signed on I dont see how the NCAA hasnt screwed up. The class was listed as acceptable then after he took it it was unacceptable. Seems pretty cut and dry to me that the NCAA hasnt a leg to stand on. Then again we ARE talking about the all powerful NCAA who basically does what it wants to do.