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Post Les Miles getting ahead of himself

Monday July 2, 2007

Usually it’s left to Tommy Tuberville to stick his foot in his mouth about a tough schedule or an unfair system before they actually play the games. Now it’s Les Miles’ turn. Miles, who doesn’t have an SEC title to his name yet, is already knocking down other preseason contenders and flashing his SEC membership card (H/T: Get the Picture).

"I can tell you this, that they have a much easier road to travel," Miles said of the Trojans. "They’re going to play real knockdown drag-outs with UCLA and Washington, Cal-Berkley, Stanford – some real juggernauts – and they’re going to end up, it would be my guess, in some position so if they win a game or two, that they’ll end up in the title (game). I would like that path for us."

"I think the SEC provides much stiffer competition."

Has anyone checked the LSU schedule? There are two, maybe three games which should give a preseason Top 10 team any problems. Virginia Tech, yes. Florida, yes. Auburn, maybe. Arkansas, maybe. They don’t play Tennessee or Georgia. There will be a ridiculous amount of hype with the Alabama game, but there is no reason why a rebuilding Bama team, even under Saban, should be on the level of this LSU squad. That Bama game is LSU’s only challenge on the road this year while the Trojans visit Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Cal. Southern Cal is not the team to be picking on.

So LSU’s position can be said to be much the same. Win a game or two – at home – plus the SEC championship, and they’re in the title game.

Look, Les. The SEC is cool. Great football and fans. Don’t lean on the conference too much though. Just find a quarterback, win your games, win the mighty SEC first, and then we’ll see where things stand.

If the Tuberville Rule holds, bet the house on Virginia Tech.

PS…Can you blame him though? If he can convince a pollster or two that the 2007 LSU schedule is a death march, good for him. It might even help to swing things his way should there be another batch of one-loss teams at the end. That’s how the process works.

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  • LSU has a far tougher schedule than USC. Are you really trying to make an argument out of this?

    I would love if our toughest game of the year was against Nebraska. They SUCK! USC should kill every one of those teams you listed above. get a clue.

    Oh, but Les Miles is geigh.

  • I will accept that LSU’s two toughest games (at least according to preseason consensus) – Florida and Virginia Tech – are tougher than SoCal’s top two – UCLA and Cal. From there it’s pretty much a wash. The rest of LSU’s nonconference schedule is not worth mentioning. They don’t play two of the top three teams in the SEC East.

    USC should kill most of the teams on their schedule, and so should LSU. They’re both good programs, and that’s what you expect from Top 5 teams.

    There are a lot of schools Miles could have taken a shot at for not having a tough schedule, though I prefer a coach just worry about his own house. With a history of taking on almost anyone outside of the PAC 10, Southern Cal is not a smart choice.