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Post Urban Meyer’s Blackberry wins a stay of execution

Tuesday June 26, 2007

…via the NCAA’s Double-A Zone blog:

Remember the restrictions announced back in April on text messaging and other electronic communications with prospects? Don’t relax your thumbs just yet.

The NCAA has received enough (30+) objections from member schools to force the Division I Board of Directors to reconsider three proposals at its meeting in August, and that text message ban is among them.

The issue might not be settled until January at the earliest.

The Board will have several options at its August 9 meeting: reaffirm the April decision, aquiesce to the override requests or adopt alternative legislation. If the Board reaffirms its decision, the matter will be settled by a vote of all Division I delegates present and voting at the January 2008 Convention in Nashville. The proposal is not effective until August 1, 2008. If the Board decides to adopt new legislation, it would be subject to another override period.

Another proposal among the three being reconsidered is the overhaul of the financial aid distribution rules for baseball. I touched briefly on the details of those changes here.

I’d have to agree with the folks at the Double-A Zone and argue that both proposals should be reaffirmed.

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