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Post Student tickets, women’s golf, and $$$!!!

Friday May 11, 2007

Chip Towers of the AJC had a nice rundown yesterday from the Georgia Athletic Association’s board of directors meeting. Some highlights:

  • The student football ticket policy will be changed again to address those seniors we all knew who tried to stretch things out one more semester in order to get football tickets. Seniors must have at least 12 hours after drop/add, or they will fall behind incoming freshmen in the priority. I like the change; student tickets are relatively scarce and should go to actual students.
  • Athletic administrators Frank Crumley and Carla Green Williams each received well-deserved promotions to become more or less the next-in-command behind Damon Evans. I’ve been around both of them recently, Dr. Williams in particular, and I’ve observed that they are professional, pleasant, and as a result enjoy the respect of those around them. It’s always amusing to see veteran coach Andy Landers refer to Dr. Williams, whom he coached at Georgia in the 1980s, as "his boss", but they seem to have an outstanding relationship. Georgia has some top-notch administrators, and the days of a senior AD position as a place to hide an old coach seem to be fading away.
  • Georgia athletics needs that solid administration because it is now a $70 million organization. Though the athletic department remains (very) profitable, second only to Notre Dame this year, expenses are expected to increase 14% this year.
  • Money continues to pour into Georgia athletics. They surpassed their "Investing in Champions" fundraising campaign goal of $60 million. Hartman Fund donations were $23 million. Additionally, Towers reports that "all of Georgia’s revenue exceeded projections in the past fiscal year, with more income expected between now and the end of the period at the end of June."

Towers also addresses another current issue: the sudden resignation of women’s golf coach Todd McCorkle. Chip writes on his AJC beat blog,

I’m wondering, too (why he resigned). And, frankly, I’m pretty confident I know what happened. The problem is, nobody at Georgia or anybody who is involved will go on record to confirm it. So, we’re left to let it run through UGA’s legal channels before our Freedom of Information requests are honored and we can report it. That’s how it goes in this business sometimes. But stay tuned. We’re on it and it’s just a matter of time before the truth is revealed.

Well, count me among those who will sleep better knowing that someone is on this hot story. I wonder if all the FOI requests and the investigative work into a freaking collegiate women’s golf program will be worth it.

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