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Post Our long national nightmare is over

Tuesday May 1, 2007

Remember Tony Cole? Sure you do. You thought we were rid of him. But in a case going back five years, former UGA student Tiffany Williams has only just now settled a $25 million lawsuit against the University related to a 2002 assault claim against Cole, basketball player Steve Thomas, and football player Brandon Williams. According to the Red and Black, “Williams argued school officials endangered her by recruiting Cole, despite knowledge of his history of sexual misconduct.”

The settlement is reported to be six-figures.

Unless I’m mistaken, this settlement is the last bit of unfinished business involving the stain of Cole upon the University. Good riddance. Thanks Jim & Jim.

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  • Amazing, isn’t it? We’ve mostly put this fiasco in the past and gone on, yet over on North Avenue it’s still front page news. Thank the Gods it’s over, and hopefully it will be buried and forgotten, except as a warning to administrators and coaches.