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Post Disjointed thoughts about the draft and “favorite” players

Tuesday April 24, 2007

Ching has some guesses today about the NFL Draft positions of Georgia’s draft candidates. His analysis seems to indicate that four Dawgs (Moses, Johnson, Milner, and Taylor) are likely to be drafted and a couple of other guys have an outside shot. No big surprise there. It seems to be one of the larger groups we’ve had recently headed for the post-draft free-agent route.

I’m not going to get into the draft very much. I’m much more interested in the Georgia angle, and that’s about it. I look forward to following the pro careers of our Dawgs.

Here’s where I try to weave the draft talk into some other thoughts. Wish me luck.

Fans either consciously or otherwise have their "good guy" and "bad guy" lists. It’s a lot easier to be honest about it with pro athletes – there is much greater access to them, they’re drawing a huge paycheck, and you’re not kicking around a college kid. Sometimes the choices are obvious. Hines Ward is Mr. Good Guy. Few Georgia fans have Quincy Carter on their "good guy" list.

We are often toughest on our own though. Florida fans spent the past four years counting the days until Chris Leak left. The story of Miles Luckie sticks around in my head: he caught no end of criticism from Georgia fans for being undersized and out of place, but he emerged as an All-SEC center.

That brings me back around to the draft. Two names on Ching’s list of possible Bulldog draftees stand out to me: Martrez Milner and Danny Ware. Others on the list like Johnson, Moses, and Taylor are benign at worst. Taylor finished well, Moses not so well, but they go into the draft generally remembered as good performers and decent guys. If you ask Georgia fans about Milner though, they’re likely to bring up the drops first. Martrez surely had some of the most high-profile drops in Georgia history since Terrence Edwards. It’s almost as if the drops erase the great catches, the big plays, or the fact that he was our leading receiver by every measure in 2006. I expect that some Dawg fans are surprised to see him as a likely draft pick.

Many Georgia fans mocked Danny Ware for declaring for the draft or at the very least scratched their heads wondering how the third-string tailback could think he was NFL material. He hasn’t exactly vaulted himself into the first day of the draft or anything, but Ching’s crystal ball still has Ware as a possible late-round pick or at least a likely free-agent signee. Considering that the backfield was going to become even more crowded this fall with the availability of Moreno and King, I think Ware made the best possible choice if he hoped to have at least a shot at an NFL roster. Time will tell of course.

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