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Post Please reset the game clock to 73:98

Friday March 9, 2007

What is it with tournaments and clock issues? The SEC women’s tournament last weekend was plagued with them. Last night’s Georgia-Auburn game was delayed due to a stoppage with eight minutes left. You could see Dennis Felton agonizing over the delay as it might cool off his team during a critical stretch in the game where Auburn was threatening to come within single-digits. Even the ACC Tournament had its issues.

The Gwinnett arena is particularly bad. I’ve been to about seven or eight basketball games in that arena and seem to recall a clock issue every time. Several times last weekend we saw that there were "-1" seconds remaining in the game. There was the enjoyable instance a few years ago during the Russell Athletic Shootout where the horn blared without stopping for about ten minutes.

It’s the downside of using arenas that aren’t designed for or are sparingly used for basketball. In the case of the Gwinnett arena, the scoreboards are miserable. They are small and difficult to read at the far ends of the seating configuration that is more ideal for hockey. You would hope that these groups who work hard to land these prestigious events would have a bit more pride about their arenas and pay as much attention to the operating of the scoreboards and clocks as they do to making sure we know who the event sponsors are.

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