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Post (Relatively) good news for Mercer

Monday February 12, 2007

Chip Towers in the AJC reports that MRI results indicate that Mike Mercer “only” tore one ligament in his freakish injury on Saturday. While an ACL tear might not sound like good news, consider that the worst case scenario with that kind of knee dislocation is an Albert Hollis-type tearing of multiple ligaments complete with blood vessel and/or nerve damage. As it turns out, Mercer’s damage is limited to an ACL tear and a moderate MCL sprain. That’s one hell of a strong knee.

Mercer will have surgery and begin the road back from ACL surgery, but at least there is apparently a road back now and a chance that he will be on the court again in the future. All of that was in doubt until these MRI results came out. The six-month recovery mentioned by Felton puts him back prior to the start of next season, but we’ll see how ready he is to go full-speed at that time. In many cases, it can be as long as a year to eighteen months before someone is really back from an ACL tear.

Best of luck to Mike in his recovery.

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