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Post Dawgs going after Bulldog Movers

Monday February 5, 2007
Bulldog Movers
The logo in question.

The University of Georgia Athletic Association has sued Bulldog Movers of Atlanta over the company’s attempt to register their name and logo.

Because the firm 1) uses the “Bulldog” name, 2) has a bulldog in their logo, and 3) uses a red and black color scheme, the attempt to register the company’s logo is a threat to the athletic association’s athletic association’s “registered symbols and colors”.

This lawsuit might seem heavy-handed, but the dispute seems to be mainly over the movers’ attempts to register the name and logo. UGA has more or less left alone the gazillion companies in the area using the Bulldog name who apparently have not tried to claim any kind of ownership of it.

As far as the logo goes, it’s a bulldog. But it’s not THE bulldog. Since I’m not a copyright lawyer able to talk about the points of law here, I’ll just speculate wildly and say that I don’t believe this company’s logo infringes on the Georgia Bulldog logo, but we’ll see how this all turns out and if the movers have the energy to fight this.

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  • UGA/Collegiate Licensing must be on a tear lately. I rec’d a note from Cafepress.com stating they had gotten a cease and desist letter regarding one of my generic Bulldog designs even though it doesn’t refer to Georgia or UGA in anyway.