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Post Talk about the Heisman Curse

Tuesday January 9, 2007

It didn’t just get Troy Smith, though his 4-for-12, 35 yd. performance in the national championship game is about as ugly as it gets. Look how the top 10 Heisman finalists went out in their bowl games.

Troy Smith, Ohio State: dreadful
Darren McFadden, Arkansas: lost (89 yards)
Brady Quinn, Notre Dame: painful
Steve Slaton, West Virginia: injured, non-factor
Mike Hart, Michigan: lost (< 50 yards) Colt Brennan, Hawai'i: finally someone who played well Ray Rice, Rutgers: 170 yards, but no one saw him play Ian Johnson, Boise State: another big winner Dwayne Jarrett, Southern Cal: huge second half on the biggest Jan. 1st stage Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech: great bowl but still lost If we're ranking them just according to bowl performance, the list gets flipped almost upside down:

  1. Brennan
  2. Jarrett
  3. Calvin Johnson
  4. Ray Rice
  5. Ian Johnson
  6. McFadden
  7. Quinn
  8. Hart
  9. Smith
  10. Slaton (injured)

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