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Post Bowl games as conference barometers

Friday December 29, 2006

Since most of the bowls have nothing at stake, we have to make up some kind of competition. So we’ll use the win-loss records of conferences in bowls to say which conferences are better.

Make sense? Not to me.

Bowl games are all about matchups and motivation. The third place team of conference A playing the fifth place team of conference B tells us about as much about the respective conferences as the quality of the cheerleaders. It says plenty about those individual teams of course, but Alabama losing to Oklahoma State doesn’t mean the SEC is down any more than Kentucky beating Clemson means it’s the best conference out there.

On a related topic, I also don’t buy into the conference loyalty thing. I’m supposed to cheer for SEC schools. Sorry…can’t do it in most cases. These are opponents on the field as well as in the year-round sport of recruiting. I don’t want our competition having more feathers in their caps. The quality or shortcomings of teams are obvious on their own. I don’t need the rest of the SEC doing well in bowls to validate Georgia.

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