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Post Drunken teens attack Hairy and Spike

Thursday December 21, 2006

That’s a headline I thought I’d never write.

The ABH writes that Charlie Taylor Douglas of Reynolds and Richard Alexander Perry of Fort Valley were arrested Tuesday on charges of battery, reckless conduct, underage possession of alcohol, public drunkenness and carrying a weapon on school property.

Immediately after the halftime show [of the men’s basketball game against Jacksonville], thousands of fans at Stegeman Coliseum saw the teens run from their seats to the court floor and, according to a UGA police report, “attack two University of Georgia mascots.”

I’m glad these bits of trash were arrested, but I’m disappointed that other fans didn’t apply some justice themselves. Of course there were 63 people at the game, so it might have been that no one was within a section or two.

They messed with the wrong mascots though. Hairy has a background in law enforcement, and Spike is usually packing heat.

Hairy Law Enforcement

Already interviewing the usual suspects.


Can kill a man.

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