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Post Lady Dogs fumble away the first loss of the season

Friday December 8, 2006

A sloppy and anemic performance all around from Georgia led to an upset 70-62 win for Middle Tennessee Wednesday night.

Georgia committed a season-high 22 turnovers and gave up 15 offensive rebounds in the loss, and MTSU attempted nearly 20 more field goals as a result. Point guards Ashley Houts and Janese Hardrick combined for 4 assists, 11 points, and 12 turnovers. They were completely ineffective against pressure, and Megan Darrah was not able to pick up the slack as she did Sunday at Georgia Tech.

Things weren’t that good on defense either. MTSU had two main scoring weapons, Amber Holt and Chrissy Givens, and Georgia was able to stop neither. Holt scored 21 and Givens 25.

Even more frustrating is the fact that Holt originally signed with Georgia last spring as a junior college all-American. She wasn’t admitted to Georgia but apparently was qualified to enroll at MTSU. She torched Georgia tonight, and the Lady Dogs had no answer.

Georgia’s post trio of Robinson, Rowsey, and Humphrey managed a combined 19 points, ten of which came from Robinson. For whatever reason, centers Robinson and Rowsey played a total of 23 minutes between them. So with the game left to the guards and the wings, only Chambers (23 points) did some damage.

They looked confused and frustrated trying to get into the offense. Transistion was non-existent. They simply must get more from Houts and especially the senior Hardrick. Georgia had flirted with upset losses to Davidson and Georgia Southern, so perhaps they were due, but they didn’t look much better – and it might be argued they looked worse – with Humphrey in the lineup. They weren’t exactly meshing at Tech on Sunday either but got enough plays to win that game.

Exam week means that they will have over a week to stew on the loss and hopefully come back and close out December looking much better.

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