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Post As much as I hate it, Florida is the right choice

Monday December 4, 2006

As much as I didn’t want to see Florida in the national title game, I should be consistent and say again that a rematch for the national title is wrong in the current system. Is Florida the best possible opponent for Ohio State? Who knows. They’re as flawed and as good as anyone. I do note that many of the people discussing the relative merits of Michigan and Florida bring up what I called the "king of the mountain" view of college football – Michigan got their shot at knocking off #1 and now someone else gets a shot. I was also glad to see the attention given to Florida winning their conference. Conference champions form the core of my ideal playoff, so it’s positive to see it as a point of emphasis now. We can play parlor games with playoff ideas later, but I guess we’ll live with this cluster#^@& for now. Florida belongs in the game, and I hope they face a Nebraska-style beating again.

A concept that’s so universally accepted in this process that we don’t even discuss it is the number of losses as an absolute measure of strength. Everyone horse-whipped Florida last week for their weak out-of-conference schedule relative to Southern Cal. So much for that. It’s clear that the criteria for a title contender from a BCS conference are, in this order, 1) number of losses, 2) winning your conference, 3) schedule and everything else. Would Florida be a much different team had Jarvis Moss not gotten his paw on a South Carolina field goal? Nope. But it certainly would have disqualified them from national title consideration. Does that seem a little silly to anyone else?

Now we’ll start to hear from some Georgia fans who think we should pull for Florida because they’re an SEC school and "it makes us look good." How sickening. I want Florida and any of our rivals, especially those against whom we recruit directly, to lose as much on the other 364 days as I do when we play them.

PS…Did Georgia keep Auburn out of the national title discussion? Excellent.

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