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Post Felton lands yet another

Monday October 23, 2006

When I said last week that Chris Barnes had filled the vacancy left after Walter Hill decided to dedicate himself to Georgia football, I meant in terms of numbers only. Hill is a 6’5″ jumper, and Barnes is a certified power forward. Georgia still had a need at the small forward/wing position, and today’s news that Jeremy Jacob has committed ($) takes care of that hole. Jacob is a 6’7″ forward from Baton Rouge by way of Hargrave Prep. He had offers from Cincinnatti and Ole Miss, among others.

Georgia’s most high-profile players lately have been small forwards (as they often are at any program). Jumaine Jones and Jarvis Hayes both were natural wings. It doesn’t sound as if Jacob has the outside shot of those two yet, but he sounds a bit stronger on the post than they were. Improvement in his jumper could turn him into a very dangerous player on offense.

Jacob’s commitment gives the Dawgs three solid frontcourt players in next year’s class (Jacob, Chris Barnes and Jeremy Price). Georgia also has a commitment from PG Zac Swansey.

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