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Post Andre’s posse

Friday September 22, 2006

Yes, EDSBS, we did notice Andre 3000 and his posse providing sideline entertainment during last night’s game. The highlights:

  • A member of the posse shouting "CALVIN JONES FOR HEISMAN!!!". All the posse has to know is that this Calvin Whatshisname is ripe for a big representation deal in a few months. He’ll need hangers-on too then.
  • Mass confusion over the number 41, derailing the interview. Andre gives a shout out to #41. Erin Andrews, ever on the ball and probably still wondering who "Calvin Jones" is, notes that Calvin Johnson is actually #21. Andre corrects her and say he was giving a shout out to his boy #41 on the sideline (Tech’s Philip Wheeler). Erin pauses to process this sidetrack. Very nice.
  • The best – Andre saying that, yes, he is a Tech fan. But he’s also a fan of USC. And Ohio State. And Michigan. (As one of the ESPN guys noted, this might be the first ever recorded case of co-fandom between tOSU and Michigan.) He’s just a fan of the game. Off-camera, he also said he’s a fan of Wisconsin. And sunsets. And the Buffalo Sabres. And the card game Uno. And Marshall. And the Saskatchewan Roughriders. And wide collars. And Pakistani cricket. He’s just a fan, you know.

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