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Post “Do it for Brophy”

Tuesday September 12, 2006

Andy Katz of ESPN.com has a somber look at how the death of Kevin Brophy has affected coach Dennis Felton and the Georgia basketball program.

You’ve probably already read about the progress Brophy had made during the offseason. "He was such a leader for this team," Felton said. "He was going to be a team captain. He was taking control of our team." That’s a tremendous impact for a former walk-on who had played sparingly last season. That kind of improvement had to come from a deep source of character and commitment, and that had to leave an impression on the team. It obviously did on the coach.

Felton and the team remain shaken. Plans are in the works to memorialize Brophy with something as enduring as an endowed scholarship. Whatever outward steps are taken to remember Kevin this season, Katz’s piece makes it clear that Brophy is already very much a part of the soul of the team.

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