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Post At least I didn’t pick Temple to win

Tuesday September 12, 2006

Greetings from the cellar. A 6-4 record picking last week’s games straight-up is shameful, but that’s where I sit in the UGASports.com media pick ’em after expecting some road teams to do a little better than they did. I need to pick games next to Lou Holtz instead of these guys so I seem smarter.

First the ones I got wrong in descending order of error:

Ole Miss over Missouri: The Ole Miss offense proved to be not so nearly healthy and balanced as it looked against Memphis. They ran into a buzzsaw in the Missouri defense and emerging Mizzou QB Chase Daniel did the rest. Given the state of the Big 12 North this year, why not Mizzou?

Minnesota over Cal: I thought the Gophers had figured out some things in their opener. They had, but defense apparently wasn’t one of them. I wasn’t so much down on Cal, but I thought a decent Big 10 team could at least hang with Cal on the west coast. Wrong.

Texas over Ohio State: This was a close game most of the way, but Texas couldn’t figure out a way to convert yards into points. Ohio State has a good, solid team on both sides of the ball.

Clemson over BC: Leave it to a missed XP to ruin this pick. Clemson seemed like the better team, but they do miss their injured defenders, and they don’t yet have that swagger and killer instinct to win the games that would justify their ranking. Georgia fans can empathize with letting one get away to Boston College.

OK…with that cathartic penance out of the way, here are the correct picks that I managed to back into in descending order of "duh":

Kentucky over Texas State: The ESPN ticker said this game was delayed. Were they waiting on the ticketholder to show up?

LSU over Arizona: it was never going to be close.

Oregon over Fresno State: I’m not surprised that Fresno gave the Ducks a tough time, but Oregon is experienced enough now as a program to know how to win these games.

Colorado State over Colorado: The most interesting thing related to this 14-10 yawner wasn’t Colorado’s 0-2 start. It’s that 1-AA Montana State beat Colorado only to lose to Division II Chadron State. Transitivity is a bitch, Buffs.

Georgia over South Carolina: Georgia was clearly better, and the only question was whether South Carolina could make it the usual fourth quarter nailbiter. They nearly did, but the Georgia defense rose to the occasion to keep the Gamecocks off of the scoreboard and protect a lead that looked shaky for a while.

Notre Dame over Penn State: If I got one thing right last week, it was that Notre Dame would make Penn State’s 2005 season seem 20 years distant.

Hopefully better voices in the head and better results this week.

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