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Thursday September 7, 2006

Quentin Moses
Celebration or physics experiment?

Talk about a nightmare scenario for Georgia’s season. From yesterday’s Georgiadogs.com practice report:

“Meet you at the quarterback” is a phrase often repeated by defensive ends during practice and games. During an 11-on-11 drill in Wednesday’s workout, Georgia’s Quentin Moses and Charles Johnson did just that except the quarterback saw them coming, stepped up in the pocket, and the two Bulldogs smashed in to each other and then remained on the ground for a few moments.

“We had a real, sickening, frightening feeling at that moment,” Georgia coach Mark Richt recounted after practice. “We thought we lost both of them on one play. I wondered if Coach Fabris was going to go in to cardiac arrest. However, they both got up and we were all relieved. It just shows they were practicing hard.”

In Switzerland, physicists are building a large circular underground tunnel to study what happens when particles collide at extremely high speeds. I think yesterday’s Georgia football practice could have saved them a lot of money. The only worse scenario is the two of them colliding with Stafford and all three obliterating each other in a flash of antimatter.

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