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Post UGA students mad that football parking might bend blades of grass

Thursday August 31, 2006

Do yourself a favor and check out these two articles in today’s Red & Black. Some students are pretty ticked about the University parking cars at and on the intramural fields for football games.

I can understand not wanting to play ultimate frisbee on shards of glass. But we’re not talking about the fairways at Augusta National either; they can deal with parking cars on the grass. What gets me is the palpable hostility of some towards football. Jeez…put down the hacky sacks and get inside Sanford Stadium.

One person did mention something I’ve suggested before.

Travis Storin, a senior accounting major from Marietta, playing football with friends (said…)
“Since we’re making the changes to accommodate family tailgating, they should be the ones forced to relocate.”

That would make too much sense…alcohol-free "family" tailgates would be much less likely to get out of control and leave behind trash and especially broken glass.

Admit it…you’re wondering what toli is.

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