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Post Larry Munson roast

Wednesday August 30, 2006

Do yourself a favor and find a way to watch the recent roast of Larry Munson put on by Hondo Williamson and the folks at 750 WSB. It was on CSS last night; hopefully they will show it 25,000 more times as they have with the spring football games. It’s also on Comcast’s OnDemand service if you receive that. I’m really glad I caught it. It was an outstanding tribute to the Legend and pretty damn funny too.

Highlights of the event:

  • Wes Durham doing a dead-on Loran Smith impression recalling the infamous occasion when Loran asked Charles Grant about boiled peanuts. For being the voice of the enemy, Wes Durham all but stole the show. Wes said during the roast that we won’t ever see anything like the generation of Munson and Woody Durham, but Wes is too modest – he’s well on his way to becoming a fixture in the style of those old-school broadcasters.
  • Munson himself. He was at his best – dry and witty.
  • Jim Donnan. Donnan continues to amaze and impress me with his graciousness and humility since his departure from Georgia. He handles the awkwardness of the "fired coach" well, and he has nothing but good words for Dooley, Richt, and the Dawgs.

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  • Any idea on how to get a copy of the roast? We don’t have comcast down here in South Georgia, but we would love to see it.