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Post Tanned and rested

Monday August 21, 2006

Back at it after a perfect week on the Georgia coast spent recharging and relaxing. A week away forces you to take a step back from the myopia that comes from constant practice updates and remember why you’re really looking forward to the upcoming season. With only two weeks remaining, there’s lots to talk about, so let’s start with the obvious: Richt and his starting QB. Is anyone really surprised? I’ll dive more into this later tonight.

One of the few things I managed to catch on vacation was the occasional installment of ESPN’s "Championship Series" where they took a shot at the big games of each weekend and – shock! – more or less chose the favorite every time. Not a terribly thought-intensive exercise, but it was college football talk and a pretty good insight into the teams that ESPN will be pimping at the start of the season.

A big thanks to CFR for the link. I keep meaning to add my links here…not a comprehensive list as in the Daily Dawg days but a small list of the sites I make it a point to check every day. CFR is certainly one of those.

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