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Post Bizarre shot from the Florida Times-Union

Sunday August 13, 2006

Bart Hubbuch has this very strange swipe at Georgia in today’s Jacksonville paper.

First, I’d like to congratulate Bart for breaking April’s news. Can’t wait for his mid-December piece on the preseason top 25.

The “inferior product” line is techically valid (the NFL plays at a higher skill level than college of course), but it’s a very crude way to phrase it…especially since many in the South feel that college football is a superior product to the NFL. The Falcons, Bucs, Dolphins, and Jags all have nice followings, but someone writing in Jacksonville knows that college football comes first in this part of the world.

But his last line is a keeper. “Will the players ever see a cent of that? Of course not. Any sweatshop owner will tell you it’s hard to make money without free labor.”

I guess schools down his way pay their players quite comfortably.

Oh, and the second item of his column is a pretty clear rip-off (and a poor one at that) of Clay Travis’s brilliant tribute to JP Sports that made the rounds earlier this week. C’mon Bart…at least attribute.

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