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Monday August 7, 2006

In the Palm Beach Post. Not so sure about the addictive bit, but there are a lot of regulars on the boards I’ve seen. In 10+ years of the DawgVent, you get a pretty tight-knit group of folks talking about the hobby they love above all, so I can see why people keep coming back. Now that the sites associated with the message boards update so frequently with team and recruiting news, there is an impulse to check it frequently just to keep up.

“Yet enough solid information has been offered that the boards can’t be ignored.”

Very true. There’s a lot of crap slung, but most developments in the Georgia program that I can remember have been mentioned on the boards first. The problem is knowing not to jump and overreact at every rumor and see how the facts play out. But I’ve seen enough to know that we just can’t be outright dismissive of them.

All I can say is that you’d be surprised who reads (and posts) on these things. The experiences mentioned on the FSU and UF boards have played out on ours several times over.

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