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Post Georgia to open 2012 season in Siberia…that’ll show ’em

Monday July 31, 2006

DawgSpiel over on the DawgVent found a blurb in the Seattle paper that contains this little gem:

The (Oregon) Ducks are putting the finishing touches on a contract with Georgia, a program notorious for refusing to travel outside the Southeast.

Greeeeeeeeeeat. Anyone at all see the appeal of this game for Georgia? I mean, other than an overreaction to the “notorious for refusing to travel outside the Southeast” bit. The program dances for the media, plays a few games west of the Mississippi, and fans dig deep or stay home.

Make no mistake about who benefits more from these arrangements. Oregon has a clear reason to seek out games like this. “Oregon has fought hard to earn legitimacy, and the program’s ambitions under Bellotti and athletic director Bill Moos have paid off with the ultimate sign of respect: home-and-home game contracts with big-time foes.” Georgia doesn’t have such a legitimacy problem. But because writers and talk jocks rate quality opponents by distance, the Dawgs seem willing to cross the country again.

Seriously, Damon. We get it. Those big, bad bullies in the media will shut up now about UGA’s scheduling. That’s three games out west in the foreseeable future. Now if you’re looking for some more quality nonconference games, how about a few in this time zone next time?

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