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Post A few things I hope to do this season…

Monday July 31, 2006
  • Semi-liveblogging. I’m almost always at the games on Saturday, but I like to go back over the Tivo’ed broadcast on Sunday. I’ll post in stream-of-consciousness mode while watching the tape after a night to sleep on the game.
  • "Film study". This might be more of a mid-week thing, but thanks to sites like YouTube where hosting video is less of an issue, I’ll put up some comments about a few plays (not likely to be the usual highlights) and illustrate them with video clips.
  • Stats browser. Who gets the most carries and receptions in the 4th quarter of SEC games during October? You’ll be able to find out. I’m most interested in the running game, so we’ll likely start there.

Hold me to all of this.

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