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Post Kudos…to Chan Gailey. Really.

Friday July 28, 2006
Amato signs hat
Better things to do in Ponte Vedra than this.

Good for Chan Gailey. While a lot of people are giving him a hard time about refusing to sign the hat of a young Georgia fan, I give him credit. Keep the rivalry alive. Gailey’s job might be on the line this year, and a big part of the pressure is his 0-4 record against Georgia. He knows where his bread is buttered, and the Georgia rivalry is the most important thing in the lives of Tech fans. Don’t underestimate this story’s chance to score some big points with the constituency. They’ve noticed. This is what you call win-win in rivalry land. Gailey gets a pat on the back from his base, and young Jordan Rich gets an invaluable lesson about the meaning of rivalry.

Look, there are times to put aside the rivalry. Tech was gracious after last week’s death of Kevin Brophy, and they sent some people to the memorial service (including some Australian student-athletes). Very appropriate and appreciated. But the ACC football media meetings are not one of those times. What the hell is someone other than a heckler doing at an ACC gathering with a Georgia hat? Why does he approach Chan Gailey of all people for an autograph? I don’t blame the kid – who puts their kid in that position?

If some sniveling little nerdling showed up at an SEC event and asked Mark Richt to sign his mustard yellow cap, I’d be disappointed if the kid didn’t get sent home crying (or at least a nice huge "51-7" scrawled on the hat). But of course Richt would never do that, and that’s why he gets nice things like this written about him.

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