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Post The football major – a great idea

Thursday July 20, 2006

Yep. Exactly.

I’m surprised I hadn’t blogged about this before, but I’ve promoted this exact idea articulated so well by HeismanPundit for years on the message boards. You have performance majors in art and music, and physical ("sports") performance should be right up there as well. People often forget that a key part of a classical education used to be physical – the Greeks especially were fascinated with it.

A formal study program would have to be legitimate and not the throwaway Jim Harrick, Jr. courses everyone always imagines when this topic comes up. From theory to sports medicine (or physiology) to sports business, you’d be training a better class of professional athlete and a better class of coach and analyst down the road. How many people enter the NFL without a second’s thought of how to manage the millions of dollars coming their way?

The first school to make this happen would get ridiculed, and they’d have to be watched closely to make sure that the course of study was valid. Done properly, the results would be very interesting, and the pioneers in the field would gain a nice recruiting edge while everyone else caught up.

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