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Post Commitment #10, and it’s a big one

Tuesday July 18, 2006

UGASports.com breaks the news: Elite 11 QB Logan Gray of Columbia, Missouri will attend Georgia. Mark Richt’s reputation as a developer of quarterbacks carried a lot of weight, and his impressions of Georgia made him feel right at home.

Logan Gray

Gray knows that he’s coming into a crowded and competitive quarterback situation at Georgia, and he’s expecting to redshirt as a freshman. Assuming Matthew Stafford plays this year as a freshman, Gray could potentially start as a junior. Don’t expect Richt to sit still, though. The Dawgs seem willing to add a quarterback each year, and Richt has had success in attracting some outstanding prospects who aren’t afraid of the depth chart. Gray’s commitment marks the third consecutive year in which the Dawgs have landed an Elite 11 quarterback.

With Gray’s arrival on campus next year, it’s hard to imagine a time when Georgia has had more quality depth at quarterback. The mission now for Richt and staff is to find receivers who want to catch passes from elite quarterbacks and linemen who want to protect them.

Georgia’s offense has been decent but certainly not as productive as some others around the nation. I’ve maintained that it’s a talent issue, particularly at QB and WR. With few exceptions (Lindsay Scott comes to mind), Georgia hasn’t had better than third-round NFL talent at those skill positions. As much as we revere and respect guys like Greene and Zeier and Terrence Edwards, we’ve yet to see this offense in the hands of truly special talent.

Think of the defensive end position: Georgia took a nice step up with Josh Mallard, Demetric Evans, and Robert Geathers. They had solid college careers and went on to the NFL. But we hadn’t seen anything like Pollack, Moses, and Charles Johnson. Sorry to use a business buzzword, but that’s a paradigm shift. I’m hoping we’ll soon see a similar shift on offense. It looks as if the quarterbacks are in place. There is promising young receiver talent starting with Massaquoi, but the Dawgs haven’t had the recruiting success there that they’d like especially when contrasted with a haul like Florida had last year.

Will these quarterbacks become pied pipers for the best receiver talent? Can Georgia turn this abundance of quarterbacking talent (not to mention the tailbacks on campus) into a better offense? That’s Mark Richt’s job now. As playcaller and director of the Bulldogs’ offensive scheme, he has to fill in the surrounding cast around these signal-callers.

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