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Post Cox ain’t going nowhere

Monday July 17, 2006

Josh Kendall caught up with Joe Cox and family and discussed his darkhorse position in the quarterback derby. The most important point for many of us is that Cox will remain at Georgia regardless of the outcome of the competition. But there’s a lot more to take away from the article:

  • Cox’s attitude is outstanding, and you can see where it comes from. Lots of heads screwed on properly in this family.
  • This is the reality of coming in to an elite program. There will likely be other quality guys competing for the same position. Georgia seems to be making that turn where the quality of the program outweighs concerns about competition for a starting job. Knowshon Moreno signed on this year despite Georgia’s crowded tailback position. Three quality quarterbacks have now signed on over the past three seasons, and (knock wood) a fourth could commit this week. It’s good that Cox recognized this reality, and he seems to be dealing with it fine.
  • The perspective of Cox’s father is tremendous. Joe Cox really does have a great opportunity at one of the best programs under a proven developer of quarterbacks.

Cox has received a bit of a bad rap for his G-Day performance which is all most fans have seen of him. They don’t know that he received raves leading the scout team last year. They overlook the fact that despite the interceptions, Cox moved the offense better than anyone else on G-Day. He might not win the starting job and might end up as a career backup. That still means he’ll likely get his chance under center at some point. Every Georgia starter for as long as I can remember has missed a series or even a game, and I can think of several instances over the past decade alone when I wished we had someone with Cox’s ability coming off the bench.

Now to the fans: Blake Barnes had similar comments recently. Now Cox has said it. No one is transferring. They all want to play football for Georgia and are quality guys we want in the program. We need the depth. Can we please stop trying to pack their bags for them and push them out the door? What a blessing to have this kind of depth developing at this critical position.

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