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Post Definition of a senior leader

Monday June 19, 2006

Joe Tereshinski surely knows that he’s in a very tough fight to keep the starting QB job in 2006.  But in Sunday’s interview with the AJC, he comes across as nothing but calm, humble, and everything else you’d expect a guy to be after spending a few years under Mark Richt’s guidance.

Joe T. gushes with praise for those who came before him, knows how to approach the senior-led summer workouts, and talks about playing for the Dawgs as a true honor and priviledge.  With his family’s history, you might could excuse him seeing this opportunity as routine and his birthright, but he seems to relish each snap as one of us might if we were plucked off the street and given the chance of a lifetime to lead the Bulldogs.

Without even knowing what’s going on in Athens this summer, I’m encouraged knowing that seniors like this are getting the team ready.

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