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Post Not quite Eugene Robinson, but Diamond Dawgs take a hit

Tuesday June 13, 2006

Quite a day as we watched this story evolve.

First, the AJC reports that UGA relief pitcher Stephen Dodson has been arrested for underage drinking and theft. Bad, but not quite hanging out with hookers the night before the Super Bowl. But his fate will be the same.

Using data from the UGA Police Dep’t., we learn that Dodson and former UGA pitcher Johnny Dobbs tied one on over the weekend and tried to take a few souveniers from Foley Field. Their haul? Dodson got a $75 NCAA Tournament banner for his room and Dobbs got nailed for a $2 baseball. Priceless.

But as stupid as this prank was (and as we all remember that traffic sign or banner in our dorm rooms), it has cost Dodson a chance to participate in the College World Series. Coach David Perno has suspended Dodson, and he won’t make the trip with the team.

That’s a pretty harsh consequence for a drunken prank, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this decision came from a bit higher up the University food chain and might have even overruled Coach Perno. Given President Adams’ current crusade against student drinking, the alcohol part of the story probably cost Dodson infinitely more than the “theft”.

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