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Thursday April 20, 2006

A year ago, Georgia barely qualified for the national gymnastics championship as the 12th seed out of 12 teams. They had an unheard-of losing streak during the middle of the season. But they peaked and got it together just in time for an incredible performance at the national championships and won the most improbable of the program’s six national titles.

This week they return to the national championships to defend their title under completely different circumstances. They have been a steamroller this season winning every meet and maintaining the #1 ranking. Nearly everyone from last year’s championship team is back. Instead of entering the championships as the wounded but dangerous underdog, they are the strong and dominant favorite. It’s a very different mindset, but they’ve handled it very well all season. As much as it was a surprise that they won title #6 last year, it might be as big of a surprise if they don’t return home next week with title #7.

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