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Post All hail scheme

Friday September 16, 2005

I’ve been doing some reading from the Book of Scheme lately. There are some good points of course – scheme matters -, but all religions (beginnnig with SEC football) have their fanatics. This post over at HP shines a little light on how warped the discussion has become.

If a scheme is so inflexible that a better chance of success might lie with someone who is taking his first college snaps instead of someone who can get Heisman pub with a straight face, there’s a problem. We’re not talking about Noah Brindise here. The semi-legit Heisman candidate is the one catching heat for not maybe not being the best fit for the Almighty Spread Option. The Creator coach gets a pass, more or less, for not adjusting his offense to maximize a guy who should be checking travel deals to New York. Bassackwards.

More on scheme later. This is interesting stuff.

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