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Post Already tired of Reggie Ball

Monday September 15, 2003

His line Saturday: Reggie Ball 11-24-1-116

That would be 46% passing for a whopping 116 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. That’s plenty for another glowing Furman Bisher column. Yet he finds it his place to promise, “we won’t lose again.”

Ball must be counting on his defense to back up his mouth, because his play so far doesn’t show the stuff needed to ensure victories for his team. His so-so play has gotten a pass because he’s only a freshman, but that excuse only holds so much water. Every complete forward pass is not in and of itself a sign for a golden future, though every pass that doesn’t hit the ground has so far seemed cause for gushing by the Atlanta media. For all of the adulation and talk of a near-win, the game came down to Ball’s ability to position the team for a winning field goal, and the job didn’t get done. He might someday be a quarterback capable of leading his team with the game on the line, but he’s nowhere near there yet. Until he is, he might want to let Tech’s proven playmakers like Fox and Smith do the talking.

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