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Post Axe-Adams successes and failures

Thursday July 17, 2003


– Brought the issue to the public. There might’ve been people who were vaguely aware of who Michael Adams was. Now, I don’t think there isn’t an active member of the University community who doesn’t have some sort of take on this.

– Transitioned the issue to members of influence within the UGA community. As much as President Adams would like to mock the handful who took visible actions like sending those $0.34 checks, when names like Payne, Bestwick, and Foundation trustees start speaking out and questioning the leadership of the University, there is a serious implication for the President’s ability to lead, lobby, and raise funds in the future.


– Enormous PR failures when faced with the “academics vs. athletics” spin. Instead of being prepared to meet that head-on, the response was to fumble around into charges of extravagant spending and vague accusations of micromanagement. The perception of the movement as football-only yokels has caused some to distance themselves from the movement.

– Failure as yet to show a strong show of numbers or power. Yes, the petition was supposedly signed by 60,000. Internet forms are next to worthless. The few hundred that showed for the rally or mailed in $0.34 checks have only been met with amusement and condescension by the media and the President. It’s too early to determine if there has been a dent in the fundraising ability of the President.

– Failure as yet to, well, axe Adams.

Post Discretionary spending at UGA

Tuesday July 1, 2003

It seems as if many of the non-athletic complaints gainst President Adams have to do with financial oversight, specifically those expenses outlined in the AJC. His chartering a plane, the houses, the remodeling, etc. Spending of UGA funds seems to rest with the office of Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration Hank Huckaby. How much discretionary spending is the president allowed, and who has oversight over that spending? Obviously if it’s Foundation money being spent, the buck stops with the Finance Committee of the Foundation Board headed by Treasurer Michael P. Marshall (who has served several terms as Foundation Treasurer).

Adams’ spending might be extravagant, but so far I haven’t seen anything to suggest misappropriation or fraud – both definitely reasons to fire someone. But if Adams is just spending too much or unwisely, there are supposed to be internal controls to keep it in check. If the concern is with Adams spending excessively or inappropriately, the investigation should naturally turn to what those internal controls are and what the criteria are for them to kick in. I know that’s not as sexy or simple as “FIRE ADAMS”, but there you are. The spending issue will not get Adams removed unless it can be shown that the controls that should be in place have turned into a rubber stamp.

PS – It should also be noted that Huckaby, essentially UGA’s CFO, is on the search committee for the new AD and is the Athletic Board treasurer. It should also be noted that he has been distracted lately with additional duties within the Perdue gubernatorial administration.