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Post “Probably South Carolina, a lot

Friday May 23, 2003

“Probably South Carolina, a lot of people from around here lose their minds and end up going to school there.”

– Incoming Bulldog freshman Danny Verdun on the game he’s looking forward to in 2003

Post “I am one of the

Friday May 23, 2003

“I am one of the most aggressive DB’s you’ll ever see. I love to hit. I cant stand to let anybody catch the ball on me, but when and if they do I like to make them pay.”

– Incoming Bulldog freshman Paul Oliver

Post “Had Georgia beat them last

Friday May 23, 2003

“Had Georgia beat them last year they probably would’ve won the national championship, they would’ve at least played for it and this year its time to take care of business. They have had our number for a while now and it’s time to put a stop to it.”

– Incoming Bulldog freshman Thomas Flowers on the Florida game