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Post So it seems that Grant

Wednesday January 2, 2002

So it seems that Grant and McMichael will turn pro. For McMichael, it’s pretty understandable. His production has dropped off somewhat this season in the Richt offense, and he has to ask himself if an additional year with likely lower numbers again would enhance his status. Probably not. Also, with a redshirt year and medical redshirt year, Randy has been in the program for five years now. He now has to turn to the issue of where he will fit in on an NFL roster as a ‘tweener – will he play tight end with a slighter-than-desired frame for an NFL tight end or will he be a possession receiver as he was in college, and if so, can he improve the consistency of his catches?

Grant is more puzzling. True enough, he has shown plenty of times what he can do and he has also been out of high school for four years. He’s not getting younger. But he has been far from consistent, and there is question if he has really shown enough over three years to convince a team that the dominating Charles Grant is more likely to show up than the non-factor Grant. In the back of his mind, Grant may be thinking of the knee injury from his freshman year and that a repeat of that injury would be devastating for his pro prospects.

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