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Post 2010 parking deck stampede began today

Thursday July 8, 2010

Parking deck passes for the 2010 football season went on sale this morning. As usual, South Campus and Hull Street went quickly. Passes still remain in the Carlton Street/Coliseum Deck, the North Campus Deck, and the new Performing Arts Center (PAC) Deck on East Campus. We used to tailgate near the location of the PAC Deck, and I would recommend it to those who might be looking for a new place to park this year. The walk to the stadium is very easy along East Campus Rd. and the railroad tracks, and the improvements to the Gate 6 area several years ago make entry and exit very painless.

Click here to see what’s left to order.

The process was a little smoother this year than it was a year ago. There were still server issues, but that’s to be expected with a quick surge of traffic. At least they waited a few days this year and avoided doing this the first day after the July 4th holiday. Everything was there as it should have been when ordering began at 10 a.m. this morning.

As an aside, I’ve seen reports of individuals scooping up more than a couple of passes in a single order. How this system isn’t somehow tied to the season ticket account is beyond me. You don’t even have to have ordered tickets to gather up as many parking passes as you like. With the online ticket ordering system, is it so hard to 1) check that the person ordering parking is in fact a season ticket holder and 2) limit the parking passes according to the number of season tickets held?

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  • Agreed. All orders placed online should be conditional until the ticket office is able to verify that you’ve at least been approved to order season tickets.

  • The multiple units might be for one person to order for a few season ticket holders. I order two, one for my dad and mom and one for myself.

    I do agree that season ticket holders should have first pick at the time tickets are ordered.

  • I disagree that you should be required to be a season ticket holder to buy a parking pass. While I agree with cutoff scores for the tickets themselves, I do not think it is fair to those who can’t afford the donation to also deny them the chance to buy parking. I have donated for the last three years, but up until this season, I did not have enough points to get tickets. I did however buy parking passes for the last two years and found tickets as best I could. Getting to Athens for the game without tickets in hand is a task in itself, and having to worry about parking would make it just that much more harder.

  • The parking deck passes aren’t handled by the Athletic Office or the Ticket Office. The parking deck people absolutely do not care if you have season tickets or no tickets. They don’t care if you’ve purchased parking passes last year or every year. Typical of UGA’s monopolistic attitude, all they want is your money. No such thing as priority customers. Don’t care about season tickets or the thousands of dollars we’ve paid UGA over the years. Just pay your money and move on.— Wouldn’t be nice to make them jump through hoops to buy something from us. …They should give priority to previous pass buyers. But, NOOOOOO. They aren’t in the common sense or customer service business. Because of us, they have to work on Saturdays six times a year. Same old “What have you done for me lately?” UGA attitude!

  • Striet at 3:29 PM…… I think Obama’s share the wealth plan is getting out of hand. I have season tickets and I’ve had to give money to UGA every year before I could buy tickets. Why should I share the parking with people who haven’t given money to UGA year-after-year….If you are a Dawg fan long enough and proved it by buying tickets for years, you deserve something. But in realiy all you will get is whatever the game day brings. It won’t come from UGA in the form of ease or confort.

  • Bryan Carver Dawg97

    July 8th, 2010
    8:57 pm



    Wow. I hope that I’m just reading your comments the wrong way. But by your logic, alumni who attend games but don’t donate for tickets must not be true fans (they “haven’t proved it by buying tickets for years” right?). They probably should be put on a watch list and not even allowed in. And definitely the non-alumni who buy tickets. I mean they didn’t even graduate from the school. Can they be a Dawg fan? And of course, the always popular “It’s Obama’s fault” comment. Look, it’s fine you don’t like the man. But I’d love to see the study that shows that there is a correlation to Obama’s policies and a discussion of the policies that affect how Dawg fans get tickets and parking spaces. I mean really, how does mentioning Obama further your point? I was able to question your comments without having to invoke Bush for support once.

  • Bryan, You did read it wrong, but let’s try it the way you took it. One person goes to all the games every year for 25 years. Pays $800 a year for the right to buy tickets. Then buys tickets. Another person doesn’t buy tickets from the University, he get them from where ever. The University shouldn’t look to the 25 years of loyalty as being of greater value to them than the scalper fan. Even though one has helped the University and paid his way, we should all share equally, right? Don’t make it easier for a long time supporter. Help the one who just showed up the last few years looking for cheap tickets. It’s OK to say the new fan is the best fan in the world. I really don’t care. Let him wear a crown, but I don’t want him taking away my parking… Oh, in case you didn’t know, Bush wasn’t a Socialist.

  • Bryan Carver Dawg97

    July 9th, 2010
    3:28 pm



    I do see your point. Fair enough argument that the fans who have donated more should perhaps receive better benefits (guess the phrase “proved it for years” is what got me). Honestly I see both sides, but I also don’t buy a parking space.

    And one more time into the politics well – gee, thanks for the enlightenment about Bush’s politics. But the point is that it wasn’t necessary to bring that kind of commentary about politics into a debate about parking spaces in the first place. I don’t believe UGA made their policy decision based on what Obama is doing. Maybe it was an analogous example, but all it ultimately does is inflame an argument.