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Post Expansion puzzlement – what’s Boise doing?

Friday June 11, 2010

ESPN is reporting that Boise State will join the Mountain West. A few weeks ago, that made sense. The MWC is positioning itself to lobby for an automatic BCS bid, and the addition of a program like Boise makes their case much stronger.

But with this week’s news that there will be at least two vacancies in the Big 12, already an AQ conference, was there an effort made on either side to get Boise (and possibly fellow MWC member TCU) into the Big 12? True that Boise and other MWC members don’t measure up in terms of basketball or other sports, but this is a football-driven expansion boom. I hope someone asks the question – otherwise this just seems like moving into a nicer apartment in the same complex.

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  • I do not see any BCS conference going after Boise State their is not really any incentive for them. From a TV market standpoint who really cares about getting the Idaho market. Boise State upgraded a little by now having to play BYU and TCU but it also would not surprise me if someone went after TCU to try and get the a part of the Texas market.

    Also now with Big-12 be dismantled the MWC could be upgraded in 2012 to a BCS conference. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.